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Why Twin Lakes Golf Course Is A Must

Twin Lakes Golf Course

Choosing a golf course to practice your skills or to learn about golf is a tough decision to make. There are two main problems that people usually face. The first is that they don’t find a good course like twin lakes golf course to enjoy the game. Secondly, even if they find one, the membership fees are impossible to afford for common people. Because of these reasons, people often let go of their dream of becoming a golf player.

However, you don’t need to do that after reading this article. The Twin Lakes golf course is one of the best golf courses you can find in the USA. Whether you are old or young, beginner or professional, or male or female, this golf course has a variety of features to offer every type of customer. For instance, if you want to play in groups, there is a membership for it. Or, if you want to learn about this game, you will get an experienced coach who can help you become a professional golfer.

There are many facilities that you can avail of from this course. But what are they? Read the article to learn about the features and characteristics of this wonderful twin lakes golf course.

Golf Course Arrangement

Like all the extravagant and lavish golf courses, this one is also spread in a huge location. The Twin Lakes Golf course is made on almost 19,000 square foot property with a large playing area for people. It has 9 hole courses to give players the best possible place to polish their skills. Not to mention, it also has 1 putting green area and one driving range. Their pro shop is home to all kinds of golf equipment. So if you want to purchase one, you can just go and purchase one on your way to this golf course.

They make all the playing range after considering the essential factors of the game. If you desire to practice, you can improve your capabilities by playing on the driving range. An average player takes around half an hour to play in this area. If you are a professional and want a serious game, go for its hole course. You also have the choice to play in the short game area. Before choosing a place to play golf, consider your abilities first.


As we have already discussed, this place is great for learning the game. You can say that they have a coaching facility for everyone. The following are three different types of coaching they are offering to the players.

Personal Instruction

The primary reason why people get afraid to play this game is that they have little knowledge about golf. To get a hold of this game, some people need guidance. This is impossible to fulfill this objective in the general golf course. However, you can get personal instruction at Twin Lakes Golf Course. This organization has a partnership with Don Parsons Golf to help players a much as they can. So, if you are enthusiastic about learning this game, you have a chance to do that.

Ninja Warrior Training Program

If you want your children to become good athletes long before their professional life, then you can enroll them in a kid’s training program. This ninja warriors program has the objective of teaching the basic norms of the game to kids. This organization has structured their training sessions in such a way that your child will carve their fitness, development, and athleticism skills. Once they learn all these capabilities, they can use these characteristics in any part of their life. Moreover, this program is best for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Group Coaching

If you want to make coaching a little more interesting and adventurous, you can opt for it. The group training allows you to interact with people and learn from them. This also offers you to enjoy your coaching sessions, even if you take days to learn golf methods. Anyone who is above age 18 can enroll in a group coaching facility.

Ladies Club

Ladies can enjoy their own time together by enrolling in a ladies club. This golf course has a membership program that allows ladies of any age to play together every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:45 am. The organization also arranges monthly tournaments to take the experience to a whole new level. You only need to pay $25 per year to avail of this facility that is relatively lower than other golf course memberships. So, if you are looking for people who have the same interest as yours, you can find them here at this golf course.

Golf Course Rates

Twin Lakes Golf Course is relatively affordable for golf lovers. As already discussed, you can get different memberships according to your requirements. For instance, the personal coaching fee will be different from group coaching.

The driving range and short-game range starts from $7 to $21. Furthermore, E-Key’s driving range membership ranges from $100 to $300 with different discount offers. All the other membership programs are also pretty low. You check it on their website.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best place in the United States to enjoy the golf game, you should opt for the Twin Lakes Golf Course. You will surely see the difference between them and other golf courses. Moreover, it is hard to find so many features in any other place.

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