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The 7 best Par 3 Golf Courses in the US

Par 3 Golf Course

A par 3 golf course is a course that contains par-3 holes. A regulation or regular 18-hole golf course usually has 10 par-2 holes, 4 par-3 holes, and 4 par-5 holes. However, par-3 golf courses often only have nine holes. An 18-hole par-3 golf course has a par 54, and 9 holes par-3 golf course has a par of 27.

Furthermore, a professional golfer only needs three strokes to finish par-3 holes –one stroke to take their balls on the green and two putts. On the other hand, par-3 holes are present on the 200 yards land. In addition to it, you can find holes 150 yards or less on the par-3 golf courses. These types of golf courses are an excellent choice for the higher scorers and newbie golfers. While these courses offer you shorter holes, professionals love to play on them to furnish their short games techniques.

Best Par-3 Golf Course

Bandon Preserve

Bandon Preserve is one of the best par-3 courses. You can find it at Bandon, Ore. Bill Coore-Ben Crenshaw had designed this amazing golf course. Bandon Preserve was opened for golf enthusiasts in 2012. It is a 3-hole small course, which offers you scenic views of the Pacific Ocean on each hole.

You may be surprised to know that Mike Keiser, owner of the course, donates 100% of the net proceeds to the Wild River Coast Alliance. He has founded this non-profit institution to improve tourism on the Southern Oregon coast.

Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course

As of its name, you can find this beautiful gold course near Palm Beach, Fla. It is an 18-hole par-3 course that offers you appealing ocean views. This golf course is present right at the center of the Intracoastal Waterway and ocean.

Raymond Floyd has redesigned this Palm Bean Golf Course. It is a well-maintained and perfect golf course with some interesting holes, especially those near the ocean. In addition to it, the course also offers you a new clubhouse to make your experience more delightful. You can even visit it only for the sake of trying food in the al-Fresco Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar, which is near to this golf course.

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is located at San Luis Obispo near California’s central coast, which has 12-hole. This wonderful golf course is the creation of Damian Pascuzzo and Steve Pate. Some unique features of these holes are links, dunes, etc.

Most golfers love this place because of its location in California. The primary reason which makes this course challenging and entertaining are its endless options of the tee. This means you can enjoy playing on a totally different golf course every time.

Origins Golf Club

The Origins Golf Club is located near the Watercolor Resort, which is present at the Emerald Coast in Northwest Florida. Fortunately, this golf course offers you everything which a golfer wants, including views, greens, and much more.

It’s a creation of the Davis Love III and allows you to play a 6-hole with regulations par 5s, par 4s, and par 3s. It also includes a nine-hole executive course with par 4s and par 3s. Lastly, you can also play at its 10-hole par-3 course, which falls near 1,600 to 1,800 yards. As this golf course offers features to every type of golfer, anyone from professional to intermediates and from male to female can enjoy golf games. is your golf equipment super store!

Could Nine Short Course

This golf course is located in Las Vegas and contains 12 holes. However, at night, you can only play on nine, as only these ones are lighted. This is a 48-hole complex golf course and allows you to play at night.

Could Nine Short Course is basically inspired by other popular par 3 golf courses. So, you can think how much excitement this place can offer to you.

Barn Hollow

Barn Hollow is located in Lake Geneva, Wis. It also offers you a Hawk’s View Golf Club, which allows you to take part in the best championship courses. It is an 18-hole par-3 course.

Like its main course, known as Como Crossings, it has proper maintenance. You will also see ample sand and water. However, its green is much trickier. You can visit this place with your family or friends who want to experience an extra 18 and spend some money on their café.


Threetops is present at the Treetops Resort near Gaylord, Mich. This is one of the best par-3 golf courses you can visit to polish your golf skills. You will observe some mountains and trees around this golf course.

If you want to experience the short game, you need to come to this place. It offers you a great number of features that make it the best place to visit with your friends and family.

Bottom Line

So, these are the best par-3 golf courses in the USA that provide you with many interesting and entertaining features. All of these courses offer splendid views that keep you motivated throughout your game. Wondering which one golf course will be best for you? Well, you can visit the one that is near to your home. It’s better to start with the nearest. Later, you can check the others when you get the chance.

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