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5 Most Amazing Off-Road Golf Carts

Off Road Golf Cart

An off road golf cart is an excellent resource for having fun while riding more comfortably. Typically, these carts offer exceptional traction on rough surfaces. Plus, their ability to work well means you can use these in a variety of different settings. Due to their versatility, off-road vehicles have grown in popularity. Not to mention, off-road golf carts allow you to customize and upgrade to suit your style.

But with a wide variety comes increased chances of purchasing a low-quality cart. Moreover, buying a golf cart for the first time comes with its risks. You may end up purchasing a poorly reconstructed cart labeled as ‘brand new.’ Or your second-hand golf cart might turn out to be in instant need of repair. Especially if you’re a newbie, the chances of you buying the wrong cart are higher.

To make the purchasing process less challenging for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best off-road golf carts down below. Read on to learn about the top 3 off-road golf carts:

1. 2017 Star EV Diablo 4+2

Coming at number one, Star EV Diable is specifically for people that enjoy fantastic speed, power, and strength in a golf cart. It is all thanks to the vehicle’s high-performance battery that allows you to ride on the most challenging terrains.

Furthermore, the golf cart covers the safety area as well. It is because of the state-of-the-art independent suspension and electronic walk-away braking. If you’re looking for a stylish golf cart, you’ll love its durable and classy chassis. It further complements Diablo’s elegant look that ensures your journey is 100% epic.

Not just this, but the golf cart has a remarkable capacity of six persons. Plus, you can enjoy a high speed of 25mph and a weight limit of 1,000lbs, all at a budget-friendly price.

2. Yamaha Adventurer Super Haul

A more energy-efficient option, the Yamaha adventurer super haul contains a powerful battery of 357cc with an 11.4 horsepower output. This means you can go at an excellent 15mph speed to marvel through those bumpy roads.

Moreover, the golf cart is fitted with a huge 5.8-gallon tank that allows you to enjoy long travels. Plus, it has a pre-installed air filter that adds years to its life. The cart’s materials are casted polypropylene in a fascinating ice blue color. Its well-crafted chassis accentuate the unique paint.

For optimum comfort, the cart features liberated Tru-Tak II automotive-style struts. You also get to enjoy a remarkable 13.5 feet turning circle due to the innovative circular gear mechanism. Lastly, the seats are super comfy and can easily accommodate two people.

3. Yamaha Drive 2 PTV

Enjoy an exceptional ride with the innovative and premium quality Yamaha Drive 2 PTV. Packed with revolutionary features, this reliable and low-emission golf cart consists of a high-quality battery.

The Yamaha Drive 2 features a single cylinder of 357 cc, allowing you to reach a fantastic 19mph and steer through slopes up to 15-degree inclination. It enables you to enjoy driving on rough terrains as well. Especially since the cart comes with a 5.8-gallon fuel tank, it means once you’re on the road, you don’t have to worry about stopping anytime soon.

The Yamaha cart has top-notch mold-in polypropylene construction. At the same time, the steering consists of a self-compensating double reduction helical rack. In short, it means your golf cart is of optimum quality. It also allows you to perform an excellent 9.5 feet turning circle. Its independent Tru-Track II suspension and shock absorbing brakes offer you a smooth and immediate halt as you maneuver through steep terrains.

You get to enjoy additional comfort through their two soft seats. Moreover, you can choose between seven excellent metallic body colors. You can even select different seat colors!

4. Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion and Tempo Li-Ion

Next is the groundbreaking Club off road golf cart with its first-rate quality battery and materials. It contains a high-quality lithium golf cart battery that allows you to use the cart for prolonged periods—all without having to recharge too many times. Moreover, the cart ensures you don’t have to worry about frequent fluid level checkups. Typically, they are more durable and lightweight than other gold batteries.

Besides this, the Onward cart offers a contemporary look by reinventing the cart’s front and body look. They included incredible LED headlights with lams. The comfy seats also feature an aesthetic look that matches with the aluminum frame.

5. E-Z-Go RXV Golf Cart

One of the top golf cart brands, E-Z-Go is well-known for engineering innovative and durable vehicles. Moreover, their cars are popular for holding great value in the resale market.

Often safety is the first thing that pops into your mind while purchasing a golf cart. Luckily, the E-Z-Go RVX comes with revolutionary InteliBreak technology. It ensures you come to a smooth and safe stop whenever you apply it. Moreover, you can choose between a gas golf cart or a hybrid golf cart, depending on your needs.

One downside of the E-Z-Go RVX is that it goes at a mere 13mph. If you’re a daredevil, the low speed won’t work for you. Furthermore, it features two seats. It does, however, come at a pretty reasonable price.

Your best off road golf cart

So those were some of the most impressive off-road golf carts you can purchase. You can choose the golf cart that suits your individual needs the best. You can even read check reviews of these golf carts before coming to your final decision. Moreover, if these carts don’t match your needs or budget, you can search for similar options with majorly positive reviews. It will assure you that you’re making the right choice.

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