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Lithium Golf Cart Batteries: What You Should Know

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium golf cart batteries are kind of popular in the market since 2018. Well, it’s nothing surprising. Now Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO are making their golf carts with built-in Lithium batteries.

You can still purchase their carts with traditional Lead Acid batteries, but soon these carts will disappear from the market, as new technology is taking their place with speed.

So, is it better to switch to lithium batteries? Why are these batteries better than others? What benefits do they give to you? Why have these batteries taken the place of the Lead Acid? What’s so special about them?

You can get all the answers to these questions in this article. So, to understand why you need to install these batteries in your cart, spare a few minutes, and read the article.

Why Are Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Great?

There are plenty of reasons why these carts are better than others. Let’s discuss some of the common benefits of these batteries.

1. Fast Charging

The main reason why people are inclining towards these batteries is their fast charging ability. If you compare it with Lead Acid batteries, Lithium batteries give you more promising results. For instance, when a standard golf cart uses all its energy after driving for days, Lead Acid batteries will take around eight hours to charge them fully. Do you think this is fast? Well, you are mistaking.

The lithium batteries only take one hour to charge 80% of the battery and fully charge the battery in just three hours. Surprised? This is the reason why people are switching to these batteries.

2. Longer Life

Lithium batteries have a longer life span than any other battery. This is because the chemistry of these batteries increases the number of charge cycles. The average lithium battery can charge around 3,000 to 5,000 cycles in its life. In contrast, the lead one can charge only 1,000 total cycles.

3. Lower Weight

Another exceptionally great benefit is that these batteries have lightweight. An average lithium battery weighs around 72 lbs. This is ¼ of the weight of a traditional Lead-Acid battery, which is around 325 lbs. Fortunately, when you switch your golf cart battery, your cart will lose around 300 lbs straight.

Not to mention, this reduction in the weight will help your cart move faster and become more battery efficient, and increases your cart’s height (little bit around ½ inch to 1 inch). If your 72-volt cart has 6 to 8 passengers, its weight will decrease by almost 400 lbs.

4. No Maintenance

These batteries don’t need any maintenance. This means no more water splashing around everywhere when you are filling your cart with water. Luckily, no more corrosion problem also. This is the best advantage for the people who use their golf cart for commercial reasons, such as concert venues and hotels. They don’t have to maintain their batteries, just charge and go for your work.

You may feel worried when you store your golf cart for months because you still have to maintain it whether or not you are using it. In the case of traditional batteries, if you don’t use them for one month, they will eventually lose 33% of their charging (approximately). This means if you let them in storage for a couple of months, you will end up with zero battery charging.

However, lithium batteries don’t let you down in these circumstances. They only lose 2-3% charging when you don’t use it for one month. This means you can store your cart for a year, but it will still leave you with 75% of the battery.

5. High Power

Traditional batteries get worthless when you are using them. When they get heated and get out of charge during driving, your cart also loses all of its power. Meaning, you will feel that your cart is getting slower with the decreasing battery level.

Lithium golf cart batteries run at full power during your entire ride, until the batter fully lose its charging. This process is the same as your mobile phones. So, if your golf cart has only 10% battery, it will run with full torque, power, and speed all the way down to 0% charging.

Are these Batteries Safe?

Yes, they are. The LifePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) is the chemistry of these batteries, which is the safest chemical combination. Not to mention, the golf carts also come up with the safety features that are responsible for checking the batteries. So, there is no chance of any risk because of these Lithium batteries from undercharging or overcharging.

Moreover, the designs of these batteries are great, which ensures your golf cart safety. You can also purchase some famous brand’s lithium battery if you are worried about any problem. Shunbin’s lithium battery is one of the best batteries. You can purchase it for any type of golf cart.

Bottom Line

Lithium golf cart batteries are relatively new in the market than traditional batteries, but they are excellent. They offer you many advantages which you can hardly get from any other of its kind. You can also install them in any type of golf cart. It is even great for the people who have a business and need a golf cart to run them. So, what are you waiting for? Look around in the market and purchase a battery that suits your golf cart model.

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