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Best Indoor Golf Simulators

Indoor Golf

Indoor golf simulators are becoming popular, thanks to the technological advancement in this field. As more and more companies are designing these types of devices, they aim to expand their distribution circle as much as they can. This is why these simulators are also becoming affordable for people.

Read further to know what affordable choices you have and what features they offer you. The following are some best devices that make you feel that you are playing in the golf court.

Optishot Simulator System

It is one of the best indoor golf simulators which can help you enjoy and practice golf in your home. The best part of this device is that you can install it easily. It comes with a driving mat, Epson projector, HDMI cable, enclosed hitting net, and golf impact screen. The huge 9 foot tall and 9′ 8″ foot wide projector hitting screen makes your golf experience exceptionally great. You will also get two dampening bungee cords and heavy-duty tie wraps with it.

This simulator aims to help you practice and polish your golf abilities. This gadget is best for both professionals and beginners. Because of this device, you can play your favorite game at any time of the year at any place. You can also play golf with your friends without paying for a golf court membership. Just host a wonderful dinner and enjoy this game with your friends at home. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to install and use it. Optishot gives you a booklet of instructions about all the necessary things you need to learn.

Phigolf Mobile Simulator with Swing Stick

Phigolf is another great choice for golf lovers. It allows you to get real-time visualization of the game in your own home. This device offers you to connect the app to your LCD and let yourself lost in this game. Moreover, the Phigold simulator allows you to enjoy the feeling of realistic golf courses available in full HD. Not to mention, the Phigolf app is not only available for android users. Apple users can also save their money from spending on the expensive golf court. They can simply download the Apple TV version from the app store to enjoy this game.

This device is also great because you don’t have to install nets and use balls that you usually have to do in other golf devices. You can get the same experience with a swing trainer of only 2 ft. Besides, another great thing is that it has a compact structure. You can just keep it in your living room. Lastly, but most importantly, you can challenge your friends online. So, you can stay at your own home, yet play games with your buddies.

PhiGolf Golf Simulator with Swing Trainer Club

This one is also a version of PhiGolf but with little different features. If you are looking for something affordable with plenty of features, you need to opt for this. With its help, you can improve your gaming capabilities in your room or any remote place. Its 10-gram portable motion sensor is fixed in your golf club. This sensor helps the device detect your swing path, clubhead speed, tempo, attack angle, and face angle. You can also get the exact distance you have covered from this device.

This gadget also records your gold swings in 3D to help you to analyze your shot. If you are new in the golf field, you can learn a lot from this game. Not to mention, you don’t have to join any golf court to practice your skills. Just play on this device for months; once you feel you are ready, you can try your skills in the golf court. It also gives you the feature of wireless connectivity. Or you can simply connect HDMI cable with the big screen. This gaming gadget offers you seven unique modes, including driving range, putting, approach shot, stroke play, and nearest to hole.

ProScreens Golf Simulator

ProScreens is the simulator impact screen that offers you to get visuals of your game. You can easily watch yourself make an indoor golf shot and rise in the air on a wonderful 108” X 144” impact screen. It also comes with reinforced pockets at the bottom and top of the screen. This amazing device has a high quality woven fabric mesh, tightly fixed so that you can get a proper image.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any damages while you are playing as it’s tested to check the impact of a real golf ball. However, it’s better to use softballs to increase the life span of the screen.

The manufacturers have made it durable by using nylon webbing on both sides of the screen. The maintenance procedure is pretty easy. Just make sure to keep it away from the reach of children. So, bring one to your home and fulfill your dream of playing golf day and night.

Bottom Line

The indoor golf simulators mentioned above are great for every type of player. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, you have your own golf court where you can play your favorite game at any time you want.

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