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The 5 Best ICON Golf Carts

Icon Golf Carts

Searching for the best golf carts? Why not look into ICON’s electronic range of carts? These carts are easy to drive and maintain. Plus, you get great quality at an excellent price. There are so many other reasons to purchase ICON golf carts. Read the article to understand why they are the best carts of all.

ICON i20UL Utility Golf Cart

As we have already mentioned, ICON golf carts are one of the best electric carts. They have used the latest technology to impress their customers. If you are a fan of golf carts but need a vehicle that you can use for commercial purposes, then go for it. This ICON Utility Golf Cart is great for commercial usage. Whether you need to transport mechanical items, groceries, or clothes for your business, this cart will not disappoint you.

Apart from being the best commercial electronic cart, it has other praise-worthy features. This black classy two-person cart has 48v, AC drive motor, and hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, it also has a Toyota controller street-ready light kit and seat belts. Another spec you will like about it is its ability to raise the back part of the cart so that you can take off the items from it effortlessly. ICON i20UL also offers you a two-year warranty.

ICON i20

This i20 cart is easy to maintain and drive like all the other ICON golf carts. You can use this cart for any purpose. For instance, drive this cart when you go on a trip to the beach. This cart has great features and specs that you can hardly find in any other carts in the market. Its 48 Volt AC 4kw motor helps you to drive it fast but smoothly. Moreover, it also has a 10.25:1 high-speed rear axle and a Toyota 350 AH controller.

You will be surprised by it’s up to mark performance. Its forward speed is 25 MPH+++, and the turning radius is 10 feet. Not to mention, you can easily cover 20 to 50 miles when you fully charge its battery. If you have a problem while driving at night time, then this cart can help you. It has all the necessary lights at head and tail. These lights also lighten to give brake and turn signals. It also has a sleek and classy body made from frame powder coated steel. The drawback of this cart is that only two people can enjoy its ride at once.

ICON i40

Here is another great invention of ICON that is brilliant for a small family. It can accommodate four people at a time. Furthermore, you can enjoy driving a vehicle with a 48 Volt AC 4kw motor if you purchase it. The cart also comes with a 350 AH Toyota controller and a 10.25:1 high-speed rear axle. ICON i40 also offers you 25 MPH+++ forward speed that is great for an electric golf cart. The brake distance is around 7 feet, and the turning radius is 10 feet. These features altogether give you a magnificent experience of driving.

Besides having some wonderful characteristics, it is also great to cover long distances. Yes, you can travel around 20 to 50 miles when your battery is fully charged. Furthermore, it also has a frame powder coated body that makes it classy and appealing. This cart will impress you with its other features like four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, four-wheel coil over stock suspensions, and lights on head and tail.


This Icon i40L golf cart is another great option for a small family. It has space to accommodate four individuals. Plus, it has two front seats and two back-facing seats. Moreover, the back seats are designed to give you comfortable sitting time with a flip-down feature and grab bar. Because of its structure, you can allow your kids to sit on them. They can hold the grab bar while enjoying the ride. You can also get custom rims, custom seats, and fender flares when you buy this beauty from ICON.

You will feel delighted while driving this car because of its plenty of features. This ICON golf cart also has a Toyota A/C motor controller, seat belts, Delata Q Onboard charger, and high-speed rear end. It also has brake lights, horn, hi beams USB charger, and turn signals. The odometer and speedometer help you to analyze your driving. Its seat belts offer you a safe and secure traveling. All the items used in this cart are absolutely durable. However, it also has two years warranty in case if you find any problem with it.


This is the last cart on our list but has equally impressive features. ICON i60L golf cart is an excellent family cart that can accommodate six passengers at once. It has four front-facing seats and two back-facing seats. If you have a big family, then you can opt for this one. Moreover, the backseats are fold-down seats and have a grab bar with them. You can also get custom seats and rims with this high-quality golf cart. Like all the other carts, it also has brake lights, horn, and turn signals. However, it has one unique feature that is powder-coated chassis.

Its Delata Q onboard charger allows you to ride your cart for long drives. The high-speed rear end, seat belts, and extended roof are the other features that make your driving experience enjoyable. Some of the other things you might want to know are: it has 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, a USB charger, a speedometer, and an odometer. And last, but not least. This vehicle comes with a 2-year warranty.

Bottom Line on ICON Golf Carts

Pick any of the mentioned ICON golf carts that suit your purpose of buying it. Make sure to read all the features and specs to make the right decision.

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