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Hit A Golf Ball Straight All the Time

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight

Wondering how to hit a golf ball straight? If so, you need to read the article. We have mentioned some tips that will help you make the straight ball projection like a pro.

Get Your Stance

You might not know, but the stance is the base of every swing. If a golfer’s stance is off, their swing will get impacted. An excellent swing is considered straightforward, but most golfers try to improve their swing for a lifetime to become experts. For the driver, a golf stance begins with your feet, which you need to keep wider than your shoulder and parallel to the target line. In the case of irons, professionals suggest creating your stance at least two inches narrower to keep the shoulder-width apart. If you are chipping closer to the hole, you need to keep your stance narrower in order to keep your feet narrower compared to your shoulders.

You need to keep your lead foot such that it points slightly towards the target of your swing. It will help you increase the hip rotation. Generally, some golfers keep their trail foot perpendicular to the target line.

Be Aware of the Clubface

When learning how to hit a golf ball straight, you need to know that clubface plays a great role in dictating your golf ball projection. While playing golf, you need to consider the clubface rotation. When you set up the ball, you need to begin with the clubface square to your target area.

Apart from this, the backswing is vital to hit the ball straight. A golfer needs to keep their waist high when they are performing backswing. The club plays an important role at this point. This is why, make sure to avoid the longer clubs, as it will be challenging for you to use them accurately.

Another thing you need to do is to prevent cocking your waist. Of course, you desire to hit the ball straight and hard. In this case, your legs and hips will provide you the needed strength to perform this action instead of your arms.

Now it’s the turn for the next most important posture or action you need to learn. The position of the impact is one of the most important things to consider when downswing. If you want to bring improvement in it, you need to practice it. For this, try to practice the swing with several levels of speed to master it.
Gradually start practicing it, and create all the required adjustments with your hands, body, and arms. You need to do this by ensuring your clubface is square at the impact area.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Newbie tends to make mistakes because mostly their clubs and hands fail to move together.

Be Relax while Hitting the Golf Ball

By keeping yourself stress-free and relax throughout your golf journey, you can learn things quickly and become an expert easily. You might not know, but professional golfers learn this vital skill. They try to keep themselves tension-free and calm to direct the entire attention and focus to the golf.

You also need to relax your hands while you are holding the handle, free up wrist joints that help you get a good shot. From shoulder to your fingertips, almost every body part that is linked to the golf games needs to relax. This way, you can easily concentrate and focus on your hit and swing the ball straight.

People usually don’t consider this fact, but a stressful and anxious mind can adversely impact your golf game decisions. Hence, it affects your ability to play like a professional.

Visualize Your Perfect Grip

Typically, newbies don’t take their grip seriously. However, the grip is an important part of the golf game that is the only physical connection between you and your club. A great starting point for most golfers is to practice neutral grip. In this case, you need to put your lead hand near the top of the club in order to keep your palm half an inch away from the club’s butt.

You also need to know that the angle of your hand should be in a way that club remains diagonal across your fingers. This way, you can notice two and a half knuckles if your lead hand is gripping the club. Now you need to put your trail hand on the lead hand. Make sure that the palm of your trail hand is present on your left handle. Besides that, your index finger and thumb of trail hand will form a V that will also point towards the middle of the sternum.

Bottom Line

If you still have questions on how to hit a golf ball straight, you can check some videos like hit the golf ball dead straight and hit the golf ball really straight. These videos will help you understand the posture, stance, and position you need to take to hit your ball as straighter as possible.

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