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The Highlands Golf Course Review

Highlands Golf Course

If you are looking for a splendid, entertaining, and adventurous golf experience, you must visit the Highlands Golf Course. You can find this amazing golf course in Highlands Parkway N, Tacoma, USA. As of its name, it offers you some scenic and eye-catching views of nature. This includes wildlife, mountains, forest, and rivers. Apart from enjoying an amazing golf game, you can simply relax and feel the beauty of nature. Surely, you will have great fun once you reach this golf course.

Do you want to know more about this course? If so, then read the article further to understand what this course can offer you. Let’s discuss it.

Golf Courses

When you have less time but want to enjoy the game to the fullest, you need to visit this place. Wondering why we are saying that? This is because the complete round of this course only takes less than 75 minutes. This golf course is a 1250 yards land that contains 27 nine-hole. Its 9-par 3 holes have different lengths from 100 to 200 yards. In addition to it, Highlands contains three water hazards and eight bunkers on the course.

Although the course is not too big, golfers think it is the best place to polish their skills and abilities. The best part is, there is no restriction of age and gender. Both male and female and anyone from youngsters to elders can try their golf capabilities. So, you will have nine holes to test your tactics and talent.

Ladies and Men’s Club

Generally, most golf courses don’t offer you clubs for both men and women. In fact, some golf courses only offer men’s clubs. However, Highlands Golf Course ensures that they give an opportunity to enjoy a game of golf to everyone. For this reason, they have established clubs for both genders. Yes, everyone has the freedom to boost their talent while playing on this golf course.

The ladies club in the Highlands Golf course regularly plays from March to October. On the other hand, the men’s club regularly plays every month. You may also want to know that usually, all the women’s events involve 9 holes, and men’s include 18 holes. Don’t worry about the competition. The environment is so calm and less intense that it feels less like a competition and more like an adventurous experience. And yes, of course, you need to take membership to become a part of the competition. The fees are reasonable, and green fee plans are based on an annual and seasonal basis.

Variety of Tournaments and Events

As we have already mentioned, this golf course arranges events for both men’s and women’s clubs. This is why you can witness some excellent tournaments and events. Even if you are not participating as a player, you will surely love watching healthy competitions.

The golf course ensures to manage the events properly and includes several other appealing things such as award ceremonies. A person playing as a player can win the game and get the award for being an extremely excellent player. After the ceremony, the Highlands Golf Course arranges dinner or lunch, allowing you to enjoy some delicious food after using all your energy to win. This course also has a pair of awnings to organize an outside gathering instead of a closed room. Additionally, you can also enjoy barbecuing and watching scoreboard from that place. While the room is small, it allows you to welcome 65 to 70 people who can enjoy some great golf course views from the room.

Other Things You Can Benefit From

Here are few more things which add to the value of the Highlands Golf Course.

Tea Time

This riverside golf course allows you to have your tea time according to your preferences. There are several timings that you can pre-book if you want to hit the ball at the time you want. As this place is pretty popular, you may find it hard to book the timings you prefer.

On the other hand, the rules are strict to play the game. So, make sure no matter what tea time you play, you follow all the Highlands Course guidelines.

Mojean’s Golf Gear

This is a totally different feature, which you can’t find on any other golf course. The Highlands Golf Course allows you to sell your used golf clubs. Anyone who has a golf club in good condition can sell it with the help of the golf court.

Besides that, you can sell your clubs at affordable prices so that people can purchase them. However, you can still earn a great amount of money without getting into any fuss and trouble. Don Mojean is a PGA professional who has more than 40 years of experience in collecting and retailing golf clubs. He can help you sell your club easily and effectively. He also has a splendid range of old clubs so that people who love to purchase antiques can buy them. is your golf equipment super store!

Room Rental

This is a meeting room in the course, which is famous among people for arranging events other than golf. It offers you seating arrangements for 50 to 75 people. This room is best to host birthday parties, receptions, holiday parties, baby showers, and much more.

In the summer months, you have the opportunity to add two outside canopies to accommodate around 100 guests. Furthermore, this room includes amenities like an electric stove, microwave, refrigerator, and other things.

McDuff’s Café

If you want to get some energy while playing, you can visit their McDuff’s café. You can buy some snacks, tea, or coffee.
Make sure to sit there and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this café. It will enhance your experience.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Highlands Golf Course is the best place to polish your talent and golf skills. You can take part in the tournaments or just enjoy the events.


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