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Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

Golf Clubs For Tall Men

Size matters when it comes to golf club sizes. The golf club length plays a vital role in your golfing experience as it can either make you a good player or a bad one too. The right club will make your golfing experience more enjoyable, while the wrong one will drive you crazy and make you miss all your shots.

You must be wondering, “How does one pick the right golf club length?” There is no specific answer to that because there are different kinds of golf club sizes that golfers can use. However, picking golf clubs for tall men can be trickier. Let us take a look at the best golf clubs for tall men for your guidance.

Golf Club for Tall Men


TaylorMade SIM2 Driver

golf clubs for tall menThe forged ring construction is what unlocks and a new dimension in the distance. This driver has lightweight, high-strength aluminum as a material. It also has a large rear weight and a full carbon sole, which makes grabbing the club easier. You also get a new billed back cup face with this club, which brings more stability and ease to the player’s hand. Even beginners can make confident shots with these amazing driver clubs. What’s more, if you need a faster clubhead to move through the geometry and aerodynamics analytics, the Inertia Generator is the best pick for you. It has a lightweight carbon in the handle, which allows players to redistribute the mass with a boosted CG and enhanced forgiveness.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

golf driverTaylor Made SIM 2 Max driver is another variation that offers more forgiveness and better performance. The Speed Injected twist face pushes the head of the ball to the maximum legal speed limit of the ball. It will also protect against heel and toe mis-hits with its corrective face curvature head. Additionally, the thru slot is the flexible speed pocket that maximizes ball speeds and produces additional forgiveness even on strikes with a low face. You can target swing weights during custom assembly, with the split mass weighting producing higher forgiveness and velocity after the shot.


PING I59 Individual Irons

golf clubs for tall menPING irons are also another great pick if you need golf clubs for tall men. It is because of their crisp and consistent impact. These irons can help golfers get a solid feel and a higher trajectory along with additional forgiveness. This forgiveness comes from its aerospace graced aluminum insert. The aluminum insert joins to a forged 1025 carbon steel body which provides strength and easy grip to the user. You may not know, but manufacturers use 17-4 SS laser cut to produce a precise and sharp face. The face of the Irons has MicroMax grooves to preserve spins in the long iron. It also lets players reduce fliers for better shots and get an all-over improved impact.

The groves with the steeper side walls and tighter spacing use an excess of four grooves. It also comes with Hydro Pearl 2.0 water. It ensures a consistent performance no matter where you are playing.

Titleist 2021 T-200 Long Irons

best ironThe new T200 (Utility Build) irons are the best pick for anyone looking for a higher launching speed and experience. You can find these irons in 2-, 3- and 4-iron lofts. Plus, you can pair them with a hybrid graphite shaft to enhance their performance as well. The T200 (Utility Build) is the perfect choice for golfers who want to improve their games while having a classy golf club in their hands.

They offer precision distance control and help improve shot sound and speed. What’s more, these irons consist of forged face inserts and include an engineered muscle plate. T-200 is available in D18 Density Tungsten and player preferred shape.

Titleist 620 M

golf clubs for tall menThe Titleist 620 MB is quite similar to its brother model since it provides a tour flight to every player. You get an added shot-making control, which makes this variant different from all others. You can attack the pins and the holes like a pro, thanks to 620 MB’s back design that lets players play like a pro. It is the best option for golf players old and new. If you are someone who wants to give their golfing skills a boost without doing too much work, then switching to Titleist 620 MB might be your best chance at it.

Or, if you are someone who wants to dream big and go for holes that are at a professional location, then come prepared. Investing in the Titleist 620 MB is your best option for it. This golf club will have you hitting the balls and sending them to the cup with the least effort. It is available in various heights, too, so make sure that you pick lengths that suit your height.


There are plenty of golf clubs for tall men, as golf is a game for everyone. Ensure that you check out the plenty of other golf club options in the market next time you get yourself a golf club.

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