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How To Repair Your Own Golf Clubs

Golf Club Repair

Golf can be an exhilarating yet frustrating game. The golf club you play with can have a dramatic effect on your performance. Moreover, golf clubs breaking apart can ruin your game.  A golf enthusiast spends more than a thousand dollars on buying golf clubs. But instead of purchasing a new golf club every week, you can extend their lives by repairing them. Are you scrambling to look for the nearest sports shop for golf club repair tools?

Well, there’s no need to take your golf club to a sports shop for that. You can do it yourself by following a couple of steps to repair or reconstruct clubs. This way, you can tailor golf clubs to your needs without spending extra. Essentially, your golf club allows you to repair only the shaft, the grip, or the clubhead. Your first step should include figuring out what part of the club you want to replace.

Read down below to learn easy ways you can repair your golf club:

1. Replacing the Shaft on Your Golf Clubs

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you already know that your golf club’s shaft breaks or splinters often. Here, you have no other option except to replace the broken shaft with a new one.

Typically, people take this problem to a professional in a golf shop, but you can do it on your own as well. Here, we have shared some do-it-yourself tips so that you can fix your golf club on your own.

  • Start with covering the head of the club with masking tape. It ensures the head of your club doesn’t endure any scratches during the process.
  • Next, place the club in the vise. It makes sure you hold the middle of the shaft. Make sure you grip it properly.
  • Use a utility knife and remove the small plastic piece present at the base of your chosen shaft. If the plastic, otherwise known as ferrule’ doesn’t come off, use a butane torch.
  • Heat the ferrule for a while, and then it should come off quickly.
  • Moreover, use the torch to apply heat to the hosel area. Apply sufficient pressure when using the torch.
  • Continue this process until the epoxy bond has finally softened, and the clubhead can be taken off.
  • Now roughen up the tip of a new high-quality shaft like the Apollo 43 Belly Putter Shaft. Sandpaper is handy when you have a metal shaft.
  • Apply epoxy to the end of the golf shaft and on the inside of the hosel. Next, insert the rod into it. After making sure all surfaces are covered, seat the rod and rotate it inside the hosel. As an extra measure, tap the end against a firm object.

2. Regrip Your Golf Club

If you want to regrip your golf club, you’ll have to get a little crafty. Here are the steps to regripping your clubs:

  • First, you need to remove the old grips. Do it by cutting each of them and then strip it off.
  • Now, remove the old tape with a putty knife, grip solvent, and warm soapy water.
  • Next, cover the area where you want to place grips with double-sided tape.
  • Next, soak it in your grip solvent. Moreover, pour a small amount of the liquid inside the grip. Make sure you don’t miss any surface.
  • Clean off the remaining solvent and push the grips atop the shaft.
  • Swirl your grip in the mixture for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It allows you to adjust the grip according to your unique golfing needs.

Typically, the whole process takes less than half an hour. Moreover, it is more affordable than buying a new golf club. The Wedge guys golf grip kit is a super cheap and fantastic kit containing a solvent, grip tape, and a rubber vise clamp. It makes the repairing process a whole lot easier.

3. Replace the Club Head

The last thing you can revamp is your golf club’s head. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Use propane or torch to heat the hosel. Once it is sufficiently heated, you’ll notice the glue softens. It allows you to remove the club head without any trouble.
  • Your club may include a small screw to strengthen the bond between the shaft and the clubhead. You can remove the clubhead by twisting it out.
  • Eradicate the hosel with the help of a wire drill bit. Next, apply epoxy to cover the tip of the shaft and the inside of the hosel.
  • Insert the golf shaft inside the hosel of the new head. Make sure you purchase a premium quality head like Palm Springs 2EZ Hybrid Rescue Club.
  • Next, twist it around to ensure the epoxy adequately covers both sides.
  • Wait for about 24 hours for the epoxy to fully set. After that, you can enjoy your golf games with a better and repaired clubhead!
  • You may add an extra layer and style to your clubhead by installing a high-grade putter atop it like the fascinating Golf Club Putter.

Bottom Line

Above were three super easy ways to revamp your golf club to add years to its life. Moreover, you’ll save a great deal of money without pulling a muscle trying to repair the club on your own. Once you reconstruct your golf club, you’ll even notice a difference in how well you swing as well.

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