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How Long Should Your Golf Clubs Be

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Golf Club Length Chart

You may have seen a golf club length chart. Of course, there is a reason for using them. Using clubs that are either too long or too short can force you to change your swing in order to play, which negatively impacts the result. A wrong club length can cause subconscious swing compensations. This means you will do inconsistent ball striking.

If the clubs are short in length, you will need to bend to maintain the right playing position. On the other hand, when clubs are longer, you need to stand straight while playing. Both of these problems can affect your swing motion.

If the length of your club is perfectly right, calibrated to your height, you can create a proper stance and good swing action. This means you will get high performance and consistency in your ball striking.

How to Know the Right Length for You?

Well, you can find a golf club length chart below. However, if you like, you can also measure the right height for yourself. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the right clubs for you.

golf club length chart


Let’s discuss first how you can measure the driver for you.

Step 1

You need to stand shoulder-width apart. Also, bend slightly from your knees. Keep your arms straight, hanging downward. Next, you have to interlace your fingers in front of your belt buckle.

Step 2

Now you need to measure the space from your wrists to the ground. Once you get the measurements, take this as the length of your golf shaft. Males with average heights have a measurement of 43 inches. But it can largely vary because of the height and length of your arm. However, it should be near to this number. If you get a measurement that is far from this number, check your stance and ask sellers to measure it.

Step 3

Pick three to four drivers close to your measurement. It can vary from 1 to 2 inches. Don’t forget to add metal and graphite shaft clubs. Moreover, graphite clubs are a bit longer as compared to the same weight club. This is because graphite ones are lighters than others.

Step 4

Make sure to practice swinging with your clubs before buying. It’s great if you prefer a store that has a golf simulator. If not, visiting a driving range is a great idea.

Additionally, it’s crucial to strike balls with the club before you purchase them. You will see in this testing procedure that how different lengths can make a difference. The longer height of the club gives you more power to hit, but it is also difficult to control it.


To determine the perfect iron for yourself, do the following procedure.

Step 1

Use the measurement method we have mentioned in step 2 of the driver measurement. Additionally, pick 2 to 3 different types of iron to test the swing. When you are choosing irons, it is best to use the middle irons like 5, 6, and 7 as your guide. This one should be near to your ideal club length.

Step 2

The iron shaft’s length will help you decide how much control you will get over your swing. So, again stand on your feet. Make sure that your shoulder width is apart. Then, hold your club in a way that your arms are extended. This way, your hands should be in front of your belt buckle.

Step 3

See how the club’s head is getting to the ground. Additionally, in the middle irons, you will see that toe of the club is a bit raised, around ½ to a ¼ inch. In longer hitting irons like 2, 3, and 4, the club’s head touches the ground. On the other hand, irons like 8, 9, and PW have elevated heads.

Step 4

The last step is that you need to understand that no two golfers are the same. You need to test few clubs to get the right one for you. It will take time, but once you determine the right measurement, you can use that to purchase more clubs later.

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Measuring Your Clubs

When you buy a new club according to the recommended method of measurement, you need to measure this one and compare others with it. This way, you can know if your older clubs have the right height. You can follow this procedure.

Bottom Line

So, now you know how to measure your new and old golf clubs. Make sure you follow every step. If you want, you can also use a golf club length chart, which gives you somewhat the same results.

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