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Golf Cart Body Kits for Different Brands

Golf Cart Body Kits

People who use a golf cart for other use than the golf purposes, such as driving near home or driving in any large corporation, need to repair and maintain their cart like other vehicles. They have to change the body parts, repaint, and upgrade other golf cart accessories to make it new and functioning accurately. Almost every type of cart’s accessories is available in the market. You can purchase the specific part that gets damaged or old in your golf cart. So, if you face any problem with the following accessories mentioned in the article, you can purchase golf cart body kits.

Golf Cart Shocks

Are you facing trouble with your golf cart’s front end or rear end? Does your golf cart give you extra jolts and become noisy when you drive it over bumps? It is giving you a signal that your suspension parts are either broken or getting old. Golf cart struts, coil-over suspensions, shocks, and leaf spring parts become useless after some time because of age and usage. These parts fall in the category of the most commonly replaced accessories in golf carts.

These carts use leaf spring or shock absorbers to give you a smooth ride, even on the rough path. Heavy-duty leaf springs or shocks are great to install if the old ones are causing trouble and leading your tires and wheels to rub in your wheel wells. Typically, the golf cart’s lift alone doesn’t have the ability to prevent tire rubbing in old suspension.

Because duty cart shocks can support your front end over OEM shocks, replacing your old shocks with the new ones can give a new life to the golf cart. If you are looking for a golf cart shocks kit, you can purchase this amazing 10L0L’s cart shocks; these are great for almost all types of golf carts.

Golf Cart Clutch

Like cars, all golf carts have a clutch, which plays a great role in the driving process. These clutches are part of the CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission. This system contains two different types of clutches joined together by a drive belt. They are:

  • Golf cart drive clutch (secondary)
  • Golf cart drive clutch (primary)

The primary clutch is attached to the engine crankshaft. In contrast, the secondary one is connected to the cart’s input shaft. Both of these clutches work together to push your cart forward via the energy applied through its accelerator pedal. On the other hand, they also aid in the deceleration process when the cart moves, but the driver is not accelerating the cart and doesn’t push the brakes either.

The following three things show that you need a clutch for your cart:

  • Your golf cart gives a sudden jolt with initial acceleration.
  • It gives you a feeling that your car is losing power while you are ascending on any path.
  • If your golf cart has varying top-end speed.

You can purchase any clutch kit that suits your golf cart, such as Drive Clutch Repair Kit.

Golf Cart Bodies

As of the name, this one is pretty simple and easy to understand. Whether your golf cart is getting old, you hate the scratches on it, or your son has crashed your cart, you can solve all these problems by just only changing the cart body.

There are plenty of carts, you can find in the market. When you are looking for the cart body, do remember, you can purchase replacement bodies or custom body kits. It totally depends on the look and style you want.

You can find golf cart body kits with different stickers if you want to simply hide the marks and scratches on your golf cart body. You can purchase this amazing Wholesale Decals Golf Cart Graphics Kit Sticker to make your cart look new and fresh again.

Tires and Wheels

If you are looking for the largest wheel and tires for your golf cart, you will need to check its ratings. You also need to check the designation of the wheel and the carts. Standard cart tires don’t have an NHS designation, causing problems for them to hold high loads and high speed. If you are the one who drives fast and wants to take their family on a drive, you will need the tires that have a B or C rating for carts.

Another thing you need to consider before buying a new tire is to check their tread. There are various types of treads that you can choose according to the usage of the golf cart. People commonly use directional treads for the off-road cart, which is beneficial for the mud, sand, and knobby tires. These are one of the best tires to help you in various terrains.

Don’t forget to consider the wheels of a golf cart when planning to change the tires. Of course, you will also need to modify your wheels. In case if you are planning to use your cart as an off-road vehicle, you need to think about purchasing negative offset cartwheels. They will solve your stability problems and prevent rubbing.

Bottom Line on Golf Cart Body Kits

So, don’t worry if you are having trouble with your golf cart. You can look around in the market and repair any part of your vehicle with different golf cart body kits.

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