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Golf Ball Netting: What You Need to Know

Golf Ball Netting

Do you face problems like fastballs leaving your course and hitting cars or properties when playing golf? If this is the case, you surely need a golf ball netting for your golf course. But before purchasing one, understand what features and specs you need in your net.

Why you Need a Golf Ball Netting?

Wondering why you even need a golf netting in the first place? Well, the reasons are more than you can imagine. But here, we will discuss two primary factors. So, let’s begin.

Location of Golf Course

The golf course location plays a significant role when deciding what type and size of netting you should invest in. This is because a powerful hit can push the golf ball to fly a long distance at high speed. Of course, this increases your chances to hit someone outside the course. Or your golf ball can simply damage the property around the course.

Obviously, if your golf course is on an open plain, you can avoid these problems. If not, there are chances that a fastball can strike any car, home, or person near the golf course, which can land you in trouble. Ball netting in high traffic areas will help you keep your insurance low and profits high.

Convenience for Golfers

Not only do you need netting to protect others, but it is also important for the convenience of players, especially if you have some newbie golfers. You may know that most beginners don’t have the ability to keep the ball on the green. The golf barrier netting helps keep the fastball, miss-swing, or inexperienced ball in the course while beginners are playing. This way, they don’t lose their balls while furnishing their skills.

Moreover, they also don’t have to walk far away to fetch their ball, as the golf ball can’t get outside the net. Netting is also great for golfers who only want to practice a certain type of skill like a swing. They can safely hit the balls as much as they want by keeping the ball inside the green.

What to Look for in a Net?

It’s really important that you pick your netting barrier wisely, as it will decide how you will protect others from your fastball. Only the best net, such as Cimarron Sports Training Aids, can give you the desired results. Make sure to consider the following features when you are looking for the best golf ball netting.


You need a net that is durable to withstand thousand of ball strikes, especially if you offer training programs in your golf course. This is because the more beginners play in your course, the higher quality net you will need to stop their flying balls. In this case, you can opt for a net made from strong polyester material. It gives you net longevity and durability.


Once you install your net, you may not consider uninstalling it until it gets damaged. This is why you need a net that can face harsh weather like rain and storms. Some materials can play a great role in making a net weatherproof. You can opt for a net with black UV treated polythene and water-resistant material, making your net strong enough to endure UV rays, rains, and strong winds.


Of course, you will look for golf ball netting that is long in both length and width. It is useless to install a small net that can’t catch your golf balls. This is why pick the one that is at last 10 feet wide. Also, check whether it can cover the entire area of your course that you are looking for.

Ball Return

This is a unique and innovative feature that many new nets are offering. Yes, they are slightly pricier than other golf net options. But they are worth it. So, when you strike the ball, it will automatically roll back with force by the net. This way, the ball gets back to the hitting area. It is an amazing technology that saves the time of golfers who have to pull the ball from net material or run to the net area to get the ball.


Thickness is also crucial for golf netting. The thickness is also known as “ply,” or the number of layers of material. Not to mention, the higher ply helps your net to endure the pressure of fastballs. This way, no matter how hard or fast you slam your ball, the net will never get damaged from it. Furthermore, look for a net that has at least four ply. Some golf barrier nets also have double net features: interior and exterior net. It is a great feature, as you can still use your net even if one layer gets torn.

Knotted or Knotless

Generally, nets come with a knitted mesh made from woven materials. These mesh nettings are of two types: knotless or knotted. Additionally, knotless golf netting is more durable and powerful than knotted netting. This is why they have less risk of getting damaged from fastballs. However, if you have a choice between bad quality knotless net and well made knotted net, pick the knotted one like Florida Nets. This is because you can’t repair the knotless net.

Bottom Line

Golf ball netting is crucial unless your golf course is located in any remote area. You can say that it is a way to save yourself from any problems, as fastballs can hit a person and cause severe injuries.

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