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Enjoy the Fox Run Golf Course

Fox Run Golf Course

Every golfer loves to play in a golf course that has the best amenities and offers you a wonderful location. Playing in an area where you can see some scenic and heartwarming views is the goal of every player. If you are looking for the utmost experience of golf course somewhere near Webster, Wisconsin, then you should check the Fox Run Golf Course. This golf course is approximately 63 miles away from the south of Superior and 75 miles from Twin Cities, in a beautiful location surrounded by nature.

Not only will you be thrilled with its surroundings and environment, but you can also play in an extremely challenging and entertaining golf course. This course is tricky to handle, even for professional golfers. The best part is anyone who loves to play this wonderful sport can visit this place.

No matter if you are a beginner, professional, or a child, you have lots of opportunities here. You can learn if you don’t know to play. People who are only looking for an adventurous time are also welcome to this place. So, if you want to enjoy the pleasant weather, the odor of trees and flowers, see beautiful views and enjoy playing, you need to visit the Fox Run Golf Course.

So, let’s discuss what more you will get on this golf course.

The Fox Run Golf Course

The golf course is the gorgeous creation of Ren “The Fox” Belland. He has the honor of designing and building this beauty. The construction of this golf course started in 1991. The Par 3 Course was the first place for golfers that opened in 1992. Then in 1994, these courts announced to open Regulation 9. Ren’s Golf course Construction Company helped design and construct The Fox Run Golf Course. They also helped in the development of some of the best golf courses in the Twin Cities and its surroundings for more than 45 years. Of course, they are highly professional, which is why the Fox Run Course is tremendous and different from others.

Ren’s oldest son Kevin and his spouse bought this golf course in May 2005. Since then, the couple has tried their level best to offer the best experience to the golfers. They continue to follow Ren’s legacy to provide a wonderful yet affordable golf experience. Both of these courses are well maintained and offer you eye-appealing scenes of Northwestern Wisconsin’s landscape. The best part is you can catch the view of wildlife at any time while you are playing. Thus, playing here is like playing in heaven.

The area surrounding this beautiful golf course is called “The Fishbowl” of Wisconsin. Not to mention, this course also allows you to enjoy the lake views, as it has a number of them. This location offers you the best opportunities for recreational activities. Additionally, just some blocks away from the course, you can visit 98 miles Grandy Dancer bike and walking trail. Not only this, but the Fox Run Golf Course also offer you camping, lodging, and quaint shops. It is the best place to enjoy your day to its fullest.

Here are some details of features you get to enjoy at the Fox Run Golf Course.

Practice Facilities

There is a grass driving range on this course that offers you an oversized putting green and practice bunker. Moreover, golfers can access this place quickly, as it is near the first tee. It is best for golfers who want to warm up before the game.

Regulation 9

Regulation 9 is not excessively long and wide. However, the fairways are narrows, which is favorable for golfers. Additionally, the proper placement of the water hazards and bunkers makes this place a great place to place unexpected conditions.

Par 3

This Par 3 provides you large greens. It also has holes with ranges from 105 to 215 yards. Not to mention, this place is perfect for beginners who have to learn many things. It is also best for golfers who are looking for a place where they can shave strokes off their game.

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Additional Features

As this golf course is full of amenities, you can get everything you desire. Here are some additional things that you can avail of from this golf course. So let’s have a look.

Power Carts

Like any other luxurious golf course, this one also offers you power carts. You can hire a pull cart, power carts, and other rentals whenever you want. It is better to book them in advance, as in peak seasons it’s hard to find one. The carts are well-maintained and properly cleaned.

Pro Shop & Bar

If you love golf accessories, then you can find a wide range of products from the Pro Shop. This shop has all types of equipment, accessories, and other items of golf. Additionally, you can purchase products of any brand you want. The bar is also great for getting snacks while playing. They offer some amazing food items that help you get strength after playing for hours.

Golf Leagues

The Fox Run Golf Course also organizes leagues. This is a way for them to promote healthy competition. You can play in any of their leagues, but make sure to enroll in the league before some weeks. Additionally, they offer competitions for both women and men. This is the best way to learn from your fellow players.

Don’t forget to enjoy the tea time in this course. However, they don’t offer tea times regularly. Contact them a week before to confirm the schedule of tea time so that you can entertain yourself with it when you visit this golf course.

Lessons from Professionals

If you want to furnish your skills or learn about the basics of golf, the Fox Run Golf Course has learning programs to offer. Leif Bjornson is the coach of this program who has certification from the US Golf Teachers Federation. Not only a newbie but advanced players can also learn professional rules of golf.

Young golfers are also welcome to join this learning program. If you want to enroll in it, contact the golf course; they will tell you about the program’s timings and cost.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Fox Run Golf Course is the best place to have the ultimate experience of golf. Don’t forget to contact the course administration before reaching there, as it can be crowded with golfers.

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