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Why You Should Have A Cricket Golf Cart?

Cricket Golf Cart

A cricket golf cart is a mini collapsible vehicle that runs on a chargeable battery. The size of these carts is pretty small. Not to mention, some of the smallest ranges of cricket cart can also fit in Honda CRV. You can place others in truck beds and SUVs. However, most of the carts have a size that is compatible only for RVs, horse trailers, and fifth wheel basement. If you want to place them in your other vehicles, you can install hitch carriers to carry a cricket cart with you.

cricket golf cartMoreover, when you drive it, you will get the same feeling like a regular golf cart. The only difference that is pretty noticeable is its compact structure. The regular cart usually has two seats, but you can add an additional rear seat for two more people. Furthermore, the RX-5 and SX-3 models have 4 person seating configuration.

Why Should You Have A Cricket Golf Cart?

Apart from being a fan of a cricket golf cart, there are plenty of reasons for choosing them over others. Here are some of the main characteristics that can convince you to purchase these pretty little vehicles.

Go Green

The primary person for choosing any electric vehicle is usually preventing air pollution. Choosing an electric cart on others offers you to play your part in this time of global warming. As it runs on the battery, your vehicle will not be the one emitting harmful smoke. This way, you can save the earth from becoming a polluted place. So, when you get the chance to choose one between electric and standard cart, pick the battery one.


You will be surprised to know that these little vehicles are quicker than you think. They have an impressive battery and motor that helps you cover long distances in a short span of time. You can drive them at the speed of 13 mph, which is extraordinary compared to its compact size and shape. Not to mention, you can drive them on the beach, roads, golf course, or any other place. Fortunately, you will not find any difference while driving it in various locations.

Easy to Stow

As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty easy to take them to any place you want. You only have to put them on your vehicle. This means you will have a ride even if you are going to any scooter show, tailgate, vacation, air show, and flea market. Or you can simply go to a nearby shop or park on these amazing vehicles.

Carry Capacity

The most important question that arises in everyone’s mind is how much weight it can carry? And the answer will astonish you. These carts can carry around 600 lbs. This is actually twice its own weight, which is around 300 lbs. You can easily carry your luggage when you are up for any adventure.


Variety is something that everyone looks for. The more variety, the more you have a chance to pick one that suits you. You can opt for one from several models of these vehicles. Most importantly, you have a choice for different colors that you can choose according to your preferences.


Another great reason for buying this cricket golf cart is its ability to cover long distances. Considering its size and weight, you might be thinking it can only go a couple of miles. However, this is not true. This cricket cart can cover distances around 25 to 30 miles if you charge them fully. The distance also depends on the inclines and terrain on your way to the destination. But anyway, the distance is enough to go for adventures near your camping site or festival.


Many people feel charging vehicles are annoying. This is because most of them take hours to get fully charged. Of course, you can’t wait if you have to reach a place at a specific time. Although cricket cart also needs charging, you only need to charge them for 6 to 8 hours. In this case, you can prepare your cart a few hours before leaving your home –no need for overnight charging in this type of golf cart.


Besides having many advantages, some people only purchase this cart because of its cute little structure. Their appearance and design can attract anyone. Almost all the cricket carts have a stylish, sleek design, which becomes one of the reasons why people buy this cart. So, if you are looking for a pretty small vehicle that can even place in your backyard or home’s entrance, go for a cricket golf cart.

Bottom Line on cricket golf carts

Now you may be convinced that you need a cricket golf cart of your own. Even if you don’t usually go to adventurous and interesting places where you need something to ride or move around, you should purchase these. This is because you may not take them somewhere else, but you can use them to go shopping, purchasing groceries, or picking your little ones from school. So, if you are looking for a compact, good looking, easy to drive vehicle that requires less maintenance and offers a bundle of features, cricket golf art is suitable for you.

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