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Best Used Golf Balls for a Small Price

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Bulk Used Golf Balls

You might be wondering what a used golf ball is. To put it simply, a used or recycled golf ball is a ball that someone has used already. After you take a golf ball out of its packaging and drive, chip, or put with it even once, it is now a “used golf ball.” Hence, these balls are not new. However, this certainly does not mean that if you buy a set of bulk used golf balls, you will compromise on quality. In fact, there are some excellent used golf balls available in the market that are not only cheap but are of excellent quality.

The following are the best used golf balls that you can buy for an economical price.

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls are, undoubtedly, the best bulk used golf balls that you can buy cheaply. Furthermore, the best part is that although they are cheap balls, they are also top-quality and durable. These balls offer a full combination of control, feel, velocity, and flight.

They feature 4 progressively stiff layers to generate greater ball speed. The outcome is greater carrying distance off the tee, more amount of spin around the green, and greater control in the wind.

Furthermore, these TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls feature reduced compression for less drag and greater launch angle. Keep in mind that you may see some minor discoloration on the ball. However, this will certainly not impact the performance and integrity of the golf ball.

Callaway 50 Supersoft Used Golf Balls

These balls are another terrific set of used golf balls that you can buy for less than 27 dollars! These balls are ideal for beginners who are just starting on their golfing journey. Avid and professional golfers can also use them as practice balls.

Thanks to the extremely low compression core of these golf balls, you can enjoy increased accuracy and quicker ball speed. The manufacturers have designed the core of these balls particularly to promote low spin and quicker ball speed for a straighter and longer flight on full shots.

In addition, the Tri-onomer cover formulation of these Callaway Supersoft golf balls boosts softness for enhanced feel and greater wedge spin (shot-stopping).

On the flip side, there is noticeable discoloration, wear, scuffs, blemishes, and gloss-loss on these balls. Logos and player pen markings might also be present.


The BRIDGESTONE TOUR B RX is a fantastic cheap golf ball for each golfer who is serious about his or her game. The ball provides a lot of spin, which is a great thing if you know how to leverage it.

In addition, these golf balls boast what the manufacturers call the Gradational Compression Core. That equates to a very low compression ratio making the ball ideal for those golfers who have a slow swing. You can also generate a lot of speed with the BRIDGESTONE TOUR B RX golf balls. This high speed is a result of the fantastic aerodynamics courtesy of the Seamless Cover and Dual Dimple design. Thus, there is considerably less drag when the golf ball is in the air. It provides more constancy to your overall golfing game off the tee.

On top of everything else, the urethane cover of the golf ball helps resist slipping and is extremely durable as well for use in the longer term.

Titleist Mint Pro Golf Balls

Thanks to their excellent combination of amazing performance and clever technology, the Titleist Mint Pro Golf balls are one of the best used golf balls you can buy today. They are available for a small price, so you do not have to spend a fortune to get them.

In addition, the Titleist Mint Pro Golf balls have an incredibly soft feel due to their smart cover, core cover, and aerodynamic design. Despite its softness, this golf ball is still able to deliver a considerable amount of distance. The ball core features a low compression as well and allows for greater distances and high speeds.

Furthermore, the specially designed dimples in the golf ball aim to build a consistent and optimal flight path.

Vice Pro Soft

The Vice Pro Soft used golf balls are the best choice for you if you seek better visibility on the greens. The manufacturers have optimized these golf balls for distance for those golfers who have a fast or medium golf swing. You can buy these bulk used golf balls at a minimal price, as they offer tremendous bang for their buck!

According to Vice, these balls are the first kind of matte-finished cast golf balls. That is due to the silicate particles present in the balls’ lacquer, which generates an anti-glare impact when you address the ball.

Wrapping it Up

To summarize, if you are on a budget and are fond of golfing, purchasing a used golf ball is the way to go!

The golf balls mentioned above are probably the best bulk used golf balls you can buy at a reasonable price. To ensure you buy the most suitable set of used golf balls, you must go through all their features before you select one. Bear in mind, though, that most of these balls will feature some blemishes, as they are not new. However, apart from this minor drawback, the best used golf balls are sure to last you a long time!

Feel free to read the detailed reviews of these golf balls on Amazon.


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