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Best Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

People who have an immense love for golf want to experience everything about this game. Some also want to enjoy the feeling while playing on different golf courses. To do this, they travel to various parts of the city or country to fulfill their desire. However, not everyone can afford lavish and extravagant golf courses. But you might not know that there are some places like Myrtle Bleach that offer you the best packages to make your dream come true. These packages offered by various golf courses have different amenities. All the packages include accommodation in hotels or villas to make you feel as comfortable as they can. The following are some of the best Myrtle Beach golf packages that you can avail of at any time of the year.

Mystical Golf Package

This package is great for the people looking forward to playing on these golf courses: Man o’ War Golf Club, Witch Golf Links, and Wizard Golf Course. These golf courses are great for spending some golf time on your vacation. You can have an adventurous and exciting time with three nights of lodging and three rounds of golf. Surprised? Wait for more.

The location of these golf courses will make you fall for that place. You can enjoy the cold breeze of the beach and the pleasant natural sceneries. The Mystical Golf Package helps you to get the most out of your holiday trip. You will also get free range balls and a free $15 gift card. You can also pay $24 for an 18 whole replay on any course. The rates of this package depend on the day and time you have chosen for your vacation. The package fees start from $309.

Big Cat Golf Package

This is another great Myrtle Beach golf package for golf lovers. This amazing golf package allows professionals and beginners to enjoy the game to the fullest. With this package, you will get a chance to play on some of the finest golf courses like Tiger’s Eye Golf Links, Panther’s Run Golf Links, Lion’s Paw Golf Links, and Leopard’s Chase Golf Club. All these courses have the best conditions to play your favorite game. Exciting, right?

You might also want to know that this package offers you four rounds of golf. Not to mention, you will also get the chance to avail of three nights of lodging. The Big Cat package also includes a luxury bedroom to spend three nights. The organizers will give you a room in a luxury golf villa at Brunswick Plantation. This means you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle while satisfying your love for the game. Like the last package we have discussed, this one also has different fees for different days. The package rates start from $399 to $419.

Legends Golf Package

This is another great package for all types of golf players. As of its name, you can understand that it is one of the oldest places in Myrtle Beach. Even the oak trees at these courses are around 300 years old. You can see the immense beauty and nature in this place. The Legend Golf package includes these golf courses: Heritage Club, Oyster Bay Golf Links, Heathland Golf Club, Moorland Gold Club, and Parkland Golf Club. Moreover, you will get four nights of lodging and four rounds of golf if you enroll in it.

You can also get one free hour to play on these courses if you pre-book the package. Furthermore, the package also includes accommodation at Legend Resorts Golf Villas, where you can release all your stress of the day. Some other essential items are also included in this package. So, if you want to see the oldest trees on this planet while having a great time playing golf, you should go for the Legend package. The rates are also affordable and start from $316.

Can’t Refuse Golf Package

The name says it all; you surely cannot refuse to get enrolled in one of these Myrtle Beach golf packages. Can’t Refuse Golf Package offers you three nights of lodging and three rounds of golf. Moreover, you can enjoy playing on some great golf courses, including Arcadian Shores, Prestwick Country Club, and Arrowhead Country Club. You don’t need to worry about your accommodation, food, and other essentials once you get this package.

You can spend your nights in a beautiful non-oceanfront luxury villa. This is the best place to stay in Myrtle Beach. If you want, you can also use your free nine-hole replay, which is available on all three golf courses. You can also avail of offers like free 9 to 18 hole replay at different times of the year if you pre-book it. This is your best chance to play your favorite game at one of the best places at affordable prices. The fees for this package start from $277. The prices depend on the date you have chosen to have an adventurous experience.

Bottom Line

So, choose any of the best Myrtle Beach golf packages that suit you well. Make sure to check all the policies of the package before paying for one. Besides, you must also ensure there are no expenses that you have to pay from your own pocket.

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