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Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands

Playing golf is not an easy task. Not only do you need to learn the skills, but also you need to cope with the challenges that come with this game. The most common problem that most golfers face is excessive production of sweat on their hands. It makes it completely impossible for them to perform properly. For this reason, people purchase a golf glove. But not all of the gloves are easy to handle and give you promising results. This is why we have mentioned some best golf gloves for sweaty hands so that you can pick one for you. So read the article to learn about them.

Mizuno Elite 19/20

Mizuno Elite 19/20 Men's Golf Glove L Regular White/Black

Looking for an appealing yet excellent glove to play professionally? Then check this Mizuno Elite 19/20 glove. Mizuno Elite is one of the companies that believe in producing high-quality products for theirconsumers. This glove is one of their finest offerings. You can enjoy the soft feel on your palm because of its Cabretta leather palm. This 19/20 glove is made from synthetic upper to give you the right fit and shape.

If you are a left-handed player, this can do the trick. It aims to keep your hand dry while you are playing. To provide you this feature, they have designed it to allow your hands to breathe. This glove also features FlexMech technology that makes it flexible and easy to handle. You don’t need to purchase another glove for years, as it is extremely durable from wear and tear.

Callaway Weather Spann

Callaway Opti-Fit Men's Golf Glove M Regular White

You might already know about Callaway if you are a golf enthusiast. This company has a great line of products for golf players. Weather Spann is their best golf glove for sweaty hands. As of its name, this glove allows you to play professionally in all seasons. The company has incorporated durable synthetic leather with 4-way stretch synthetic to maximize its performance. Furthermore, its reinforced palm patches allow you to make a strong grip on your club. That puts it in the category of the best golf glove for sweaty hands.

It also offers you features like breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility. Not to mention, its design encourages moisture reduction and increased breathability on the fingers and top of hands. Beginners can also use this glove, as it is lightweight and have a thin and secure fit. However, Callaway Weather Spann is only suitable for left-hand golfers.

TaylorMade Stratus

TaylorMade Stratus Leather Men's Golf Glove ML Regular White

Like all the other products of TaylorMade, this glove also offers some great features to its consumers. If you are looking for a durable and excellent glove, you need to try this one. The primary reason why this product is better than others is its ability to help you perform by giving you full control of the club.

The Stratus, made from high-quality leather, gives it a long life span. This glove also features micro-perforations to maximize airflow throughout the glove. Furthermore, you can wear it in any climate condition. It works well in all types of weather. This glove also has four-way stretch material that offers you superior comfort and excellent fit on the wrist. It also helps to keep the moisture away. The last and most important feature you might want to know is it is a right-hand glove. So, if you are a right-hand golfer looking for something that can keep your hand dry, TaylorMade Stratus can help you.

FootJoy Spectrum

FootJoy Spectrum Green Men's Golf Glove S Regular Green

This one is a bit different from the others mentioned in the article, as it comes in different colors, like green. The FootJoy Spectrum glove gives you optimal control of your game. This glove has a premium Cabretta leather palm. You will get a soft feeling and exceptionally great grip. On the pro side, FootJoy also has used FiberSof technology on the back of the glove, which gives it features like moisture management and customized fit.

Furthermore, this spectrum glove also has PowerNet mesh technology, which offers breathable cool comfort, flexibility, and consistent fit. This is one of the few gloves in the market that provide you an appealing shape, design, and color along with performance and durability. Besides, it also has a full index finger that keeps it dry. Apart from these benefits, this glove is only for left-hand players.

Ping Sport Tech

Ping is also one of the popular names in the golf industry. Ping Sport Tech has breathable and durable qualities. This glove has all-weather synthetic leather, making it easy to use in all four seasons. The pre-curved fingers are its key feature. It offers you a neutral feel and fit. This means you will not feel annoyed and uncomfortable after wearing it. The Ping Sport Tech glove has a wonderful grey color that adds an appealing texture to it.

Besides its eye-catching look, it has plenty of benefits. This glove also features SensorCool technology that aims to prevent moisture accumulation on your palms and fingers. Additionally, this glove also has finger vents and perforations, which prevent sweat build-up. The large Lycra area over gloves’ knuckles provides great breathability and comfort.

Bottom Line on best golf glove for sweaty hands

So, choose any of the mentioned best golf gloves for sweaty hands. Make sure to look for the one with features needed to keep your hands dry in gloves, such as SensorCool Technology.

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