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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Have you ever faced a problem while playing with a golf ball? Are you a senior golfer and feel the need to play with a ball specifically made for the seniors? Well, don’t worry, we can help you with this. We have gathered some of the best golf balls for seniors for you. These balls have the essential features that a golf ball must have like softness, visibility, and lower spin. There are also important features that seniors may need to enjoy the game. Women who don’t have a lot of strength like men can also choose any of the mentioned balls to get a wonderful golf experience.

Read the article to understand what basic features you need and which ball is best for you.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

72 Ram Laser Plus Golf Balls

If you are looking for the best golf balls for seniors, you should try 72 Ram Laser Plus Golf balls. These balls are specifically designed to give you maximum distance but with slower swing speed. The golf ball must squeeze against the clubface when the ball gets into contact with it. If an elder swings slower, other balls will not compress. Because of its wonderful design, this ball compresses, spring off the face, and provides you with the required distance.

Not to mention, this ball is also great for senior women golfers because of its softer feel. So, if you have wished for a soft quality ball, the lower compression will help you with it. Your ball will also remain longer in the air because of its 392 icosahedron dimple pattern, which gives optimal lift and lower drag to your ball. This golf ball makes your playing experience great and delightful, no matter what golf court you choose to play.

16 Palms Springs Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

This is a great choice for seniors who have a love for this game. The seniors can easily enjoy their game without any worries. This 16 Palm Spring Ultimate Distance Golf Ball has 428 dimples, which provide the seniors with a lower spin rate. You can have fun while playing it because it gives you greater rollability and lower trajectories.

The Dupont Lithium cut-proof cover gives you maximum spin control and long term durability. This company has worked hard to give you an excellent golfing experience. After a lot of consideration, they have combined Surlyn cover and titanium core to provide consumers soft feel, excellent distance, and better control. Not to mention, its titanium core helps to transfer the energy from the clubhead to the ball. You can get this amazing ball in the box of 16 golf balls at an affordable price.

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Balls

This is another highly recommended golf ball that gives you excellent feel and control. Its slow spin helps seniors to get maximum distance without putting a lot of strength. Callaway ERC Soft Golf balls have a wonderful feature of multi-material hybrid cover that gives a soft feel, delivers maximum golf speed, and high spin rates. Its graphene infused dual softcore is great for optimal compression energy, even with the slow driver spin.

These balls have prominent triple track lines on the sides, which increases accuracy and alignment. Moreover, it also provides seniors a high level of performance with its groundbreaking technology. As mentioned, the reason behind why it is best for the elders is its multi-material hybrid covers. So, you can enjoy a golf session with your buddies, playing with this ball. You can purchase its pack of 12 balls.

Callaway 2018 Chrome Soft X Truvis Red Golf Balls

It is another great golf ball from Callaway, not only for seniors but also for other golfers who want to use little strength while playing. The company surely spends a lot of time considering its features, as you can see the innovations and technology inwards and outwards. Chromes Soft X has graphene dual soft fast core as well as a larger inner core, which helps seniors for high launch, increase playability, and long-distance. Like all the other golf balls mentioned in this post, it gives you a highly soft feel.

One thing you will surely love is its Travis pattern that is specifically designed to help you see your ball going away for a better experience. Moreover, the premium dual-core structure gives you high distance off longer clubs and better control off short irons, mid irons, and wedges. The elders can also enjoy its ultra-soft tour urethane cover that gives stroke saving spin on chips and pitches. Its HEX Surface simple pattern gives you a long and stable flight. Because of its designs and structure, this ball is highly visible from far. You will enjoy playing with this wonderful ball; buy its pack of 12 balls.

Bottom Line

Choose any of the best golf balls for seniors mentioned above. The adults have less energy and can’t use a lot of strength to strike the ball. This is why they need a ball that allows them to play the game efficiently, just like the young golfers. Hence, all of these balls are great for aged people who want to have the ultimate experience in this game without spending a lot of energy.

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