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Best Golf Balls For Beginners

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Best Golf Balls For Beginners

People face different challenges when they start to play golf. They don’t have the idea of the game’s rules as well as they don’t know how to control and use the balls and golf clubs. Beginners even make mistakes in choosing the right golf equipment. People usually pick the golf essentials without considering the features vital for the newcomers. This leads them to let go of their aim to become a golfer soon after they start. This is why, if you are a beginner, you need to buy the best golf gear to make your journey easier. You cannot play golf without a ball. So, read on to know about some best golf balls for beginners.

Callaway 2018 Chrome Soft X Truvis Yellow Golf Balls

Are you looking for a golf ball for the beginners? Then, the Callaway brand has so many options for you. This Chrome Soft X Truvis Yellow Golf Ball is designed to give you maximum performance, soft feel, and exceptional spin. You will love this ball because of its feature of Graphene Dual Soft Fast Core that has a large inner core to give you long distance, high launch, and optimal playability. This is also great if you are looking forward to high compression energy by minimizing driver spin. Its straight ball flight will aid you in having an exceptionally great experience.

Moreover, its Truvis technology has won the hearts of the golfers. This is because the pattern makes it easy for you to see its flight and focus on it. Not to mention, its premium dual-core design provides better distance off your longer clubs and control off short irons, mid irons, and wedges. One of the highly appreciable features is its ultra-soft Tour Urethane cover, which feels excellent and promotes stroke-saving spin on chips and pitches. The last but fantastic feature is its 332 dimple pattern, which gives coverage for high accuracy and control.

Callaway ERC Soft Yellow Golf Balls

Callaway ERC Soft Yellow Golf Ball Yellow

Another best golf balls for beginners is Callaway’s ERC Soft Yellow Golf Ball. It is Callaway’s longest ball, which gives you all the necessary features a golf player looks for. The triple track feature takes help from the Vernier Visual Acuity and combines to provide you with a better alignment, which you can hardly find in traditional balls. This is the same technology utilized to land planes on the exact place of aircraft carriers.

Because of the groundbreaking technology design, it provides a high level of performance to beginners. So, don’t worry if you are new to this game. Another thing that is beneficial for beginners is the multi-material hybrid cover. They can get fast speedball, high greenside spin, and soft feel with this amazing golf ball even in their first attempt. Not to mention, you don’t need to spend a lot of energy at the start. Its large inner core helps in the higher launch with minimizing driver speed. This ball comes with the yellow cover, which is best for people looking for high visibility.

12 Prosimmon Titanium Tour Golf Balls

This ball is another good option for you if you are looking for long balls. It is highly recommended for the intermediates, players, and even beginners. Playing with a traditional ball can give you a sudden feeling of a jolt. However, this ball for beginners has a titanium core, making it easy for you to transfer maximum energy from the club-head to the ball while playing.

Moreover, this 12 Prosimmon Titanium Tour Golf Balls has Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover that offers control over spin and long term durability. Not to mention, its 428 dimples offers you lower spin and long-distance flight. A beginner with little experience can take help from this.

36 Confidence Pure

The Pure Golf Ball belongs to a popular golf brand, Confidence, and offers you a great distance. Having a durable Dupont cover allows it to provide durability, and its structure provides you all the necessary aspects such as control, feel, and distance. This golf ball is specifically made for the intermediates and beginner golfers. It gives you all the essential features you need for your first experience and is available at affordable prices.

You will surely love its soft feel and visibility feature, which makes your training easier. For trained golfers, this can play a role in practicing chipping and putting greens or practicing rounds. So, if you are new to this game, you need to start with something less expensive. is your golf equipment super store!

288 Prosimmon Titanium

Prosimmon Titanium Tour Golf Balls are highly visible because of its long size and patterns. Whether you are an intermediate, beginner, or trainee, this ball is perfect for you. This ball comes with the titanium core, which helps it transfer maximum energy from the club-head to the ball. It also has Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover to offer you exceptionally great durability and control over spin.

Another reason why this ball is best for the newcomers is that it provides lower spin and lower trajectories. This feature is great because you don’t have to be quick and fast at your very beginning. You will surely love this ball and enjoy your experience in golf. Not to mention, its soft feel and maximum distance also provide you great benefits.

Bottom Line

Choose any of the best golf balls for beginners mentioned above and enjoy your first game. Don’t forget to look for the features that you will need the most. Also, go for affordable options in the beginning, but don’t compromise on quality equipment.

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