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Best Golf Ball Pickers

Golf Ball Picker

Playing golf might seem easy to some people, but it also has many challenges. The golfers not only have to make a shot but also have to find the ball if it doesn’t go into the required position. It mostly happens with beginners. They usually make a shot that goes in a completely opposite direction. After that, golfers need to find the ball; this can be time-consuming and, sometimes, frustrating. A golf ball picker is the best accessory for this purpose. They are easy to use and store, and you only need to have one to find your lost ball.

Here are some great golf ball retrievers that you can buy for yourself. Make sure to opt for the one that suits and compliments your type of play.

I Gotcha Standard Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever

I Gotcha Standard Aluminum 18 Foot Golf Ball Retriever Stainless

This golf ball picker is one of the best ones you can find in the market. As the name suggests, I Gotcha is the company that manufactures this golf ball picker. You can find a range of retrievers of this particular company. IGotcha is quite famous for its designs and high-quality products. This Standard Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever is made from stainless steel, which gives its durability. Its unique and beautiful stainless steel shaft makes your task easy and simple. You can simply collect the ball you want without bending.

Moreover, the sleek and slim design allows you to keep it in your golf bag. Hence, there is no need to carry it in your hand or in another bag. You will be surprised to know that shaft is durable, compact, and collapsible. It also includes a lock and twist system, which gives it high performance. This aluminum golf ball retriever also gives you features like locking slip and patented spring release “ready” head. Another thing that you can’t find in standard retrievers is a range of sizes. You can opt for any of its ranges from 10 feet to 21 feet retriever. If you are looking for maximum height, then go for 21 feet. Don’t worry. You will not face problems while managing 21 feet object.

Pride Golf Ball Retriever

Pride Ball Pick-Up Golf Ball Retriever Black

This is another company that offers you a wide variety of golf products. The best part is you will get high-quality products that will help boost your performance. Pride Golf Ball Retriever offers you exceptionally contemporary designs with great features. If you are more into the designs, then go for this retriever. It comes in a beautiful black color. Additionally, this retriever is made from high-quality materials, which give it a long life span.

Not only will its design make you admire it, but the easy ball picking feature will also make your game a fun experience. The ball pick-up part attached to the bottom of the grip allows golfers to retrieve the ball without bending on their knees. Furthermore, you can fix this retriever on any putter grips. So, if you have any extra putter, attach your Pride retriever to it. However, make sure that it properly gets attached to your putter, as it can fall without you knowing. The last feature is you can keep it in your golf bag with your other accessories.

IGotcha Executive Golf Ball Retriever

I Gotcha Executive 10ft Golf Ball Retriever Stainless/White

This one is again the creation of IGotcha. If you are looking for a simple white color retriever that complements your other golf accessories, then go for it. Don’t choose this picker only because of its eye-catching appearance, but for its tough and durable body and material. This IGotcha Executive Golf Ball Retriever has a composition of stainless steel, which, of course, is the main reason for its high quality.

Not to mention, with all its features and rigid body, it is lightweight compared to traditional retrievers. This characteristic is perfect for people who want to carry as much lightweight as they can. On top of this, you can extend it to 10 feet long, which is quite a great height for most golfers. The best part is that you can always collapse down the IGotcha retriever to keep it in your bag. This way, it doesn’t take extra space for your clubs. Its Lexan head is also durable, which securely traps the ball and doesn’t let it go. Anyone can use this retriever, as it is simple and ways to use it. The golf ball retriever will pay for itself.

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IGotcha JAWZ Golf Ball Retriever

I Gotcha JAWZ 18' Golf Ball Retriever Silver/Orange

This is the last golf retriever on our list from IGotcha. The best thing is, you can find JAWZ Golf Retriever in orange and silver color. This color might not be great for some simple color lovers. However, apart from its color, it has decent and straightforward designs. So, many golfers don’t mind using it.

Its super compact and sleek design is the reason why golfers are inclined towards it. The JAWZ retriever has a composition of stainless steel. The shaft is co-molded rubberized, which makes it easy to grip and perform the task. Additionally, you don’t need to move any part, as it is easy to use. It only contains a single piece head that simply holds the ball in one place. You can close it to 21″ to store it in your golf bag.

Bottom Line

So, you can choose any of the golf ball pickers mentioned above. You can purchase any of them, but it’s best to consider the height of the retriever. Compare the length with your height so you can decide which you can use easily without bending.

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