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Best Glow In the Dark Golf Balls

Glow In The Dark Golf Balls

Have you ever heard of or used glow in the dark golf balls? Do you want to know about these balls? If so, then you should read the article and learn about some of the finest quality glowing balls. These balls will help you play the game at night the same way you do in the day. If you want to purchase some amazing products, take a look at the following golf balls.

Miniature Golf Balls

The Miniature Golf Balls are first on our list of glow in the dark golf balls. If you are searching for a glowing ball that offers all the features of a standard golf ball, this should be your choice. It will help you practice on greens even at night. So, don’t worry that you may lose your ball under the moonlight. Not to mention, it comes in several bright colors, making it the best choice for family and kid’s activities. You can find colors like blue, pink, silver, red, yellow, etc.

Since the aim of these balls is to facilitate every type of golfer, you can use this to teach your kids about the golf game. You can play with them in the backyard and have a putting practice session. Wondering what’s more? Well, these balls’ size and appearance are pretty similar to other golf balls and weigh 9.9 ounces. You get six golf balls in the package.


glow in the dark golf ballsThis is another ideal solution for night golfers. The pack of ILYSPORT contains some high-quality and bright night golf balls. The best part is that these balls shine brightly in the dark that you can see them from far. Surely, you will have an entraining and fun time while playing with them. These golf balls continuously glow for 8 minutes when you make a shot. The best part is ILYSPORT balls give you the same results every time you hit the ball. Another factor to appreciate is its battery can last for around 40 hours, which means you can strike this glowing ball around 800 times.

These balls are also pretty convenient to use, as you don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries after every few days. You will also fall for it when you see the bright and shiny colors flying in the sky after you hit the ball. Moreover, you can gift it to any golf freak so that they can easily practice their game even at night, as it is almost similar to the traditional golf balls.

Lunar Golf Balls

If you are looking for a ball with the ideal size, shape, looks, and texture, then go for this one. Like all the other golf balls mentioned in our article, this one also comes in a variety of glowing colors. You can find red, blue, and much more. Lunar Golf Balls look pretty amazing in the night when you strike a ball, and it flies in the air shining in different colors. So, don’t worry about losing them in the dark and play your game as you like.

As you strike the ball, it glows for 6 to 8 minutes. You don’t need to activate them with UV lights, which you have to do with some night glow balls. The battery can last for almost 40 hours. In addition to it, you can use them in outdoor night events, outdoor fundraisers events at night, and other festivals.

EliteShine Golf Balls

glow in the dark golf ballsThis fluorescent golf ball has the ability to absorb the energy of light and start to glow at night. You can play with this ball for a week or even months without replacing batteries. You can hit the ball around 800 times, and the best part is that it gives you maximum stability and performance even at night. You can take advantage of its optimal distance and speed. So, if you are a golf enthusiast and want to play the game like the way you do in the morning, you should opt for this one.

EliteShine also offers you a ball that has a balance weight of 45g. This way, whether you are a newbie or old, you can cover long distances with less strength. Furthermore, the primary reason for the popularity of these balls is their ability to give you superior performance. It has a soft urethane skin and full compression core, which also helps you get optimal distance and speed.

ACEVER Golf Balls

glow in the dark golf ballsThis is the last golf ball on our list of amazing dark glow balls. ACEVER balls have made it easy for golfers to play the professional game even at night. Expert golfers who have the habit of striking long distances don’t have to worry about finding the ball at night. The glow and bright colors make it easy to see the ball from a great distance. This is because ACEVER Golf Ball can glow in the dark for almost 8 minutes. In addition, this golf ball can light up to 50 hours. So, hit it as much as you want, and it will keep glowing.

You can get mixed colors in this packet, including white, yellow, orange, red, and much more. It has a beige surface, just like a standard golf ball. You can also observe its cut-proof design, which allows you to play your natural game. Apart from this, it comes with the surlyn cover, which protects it to increase its lifespan. This amazing golf ball provides you with control accuracy, aerodynamics, feel, distance, and much more.

Bottom Line

So, the above-mentioned products are the best glow in the dark golf balls that you can purchase to bring a little fun and entrainment to your night game. The best part is these balls are ideal for playing golf with your friends and family.

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