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5 Best 6 Seater Golf Cart

6 Seater Golf Cart

A 6 seater golf cart is not easy to find; not many golf cart companies design six-seaters. Even if you find one, it might not go well with your standards and requirements. This is why we have gathered some of the best golf carts with wonderful features. These carts can give you amazing driving time and take your riding experience to the next level. So, read the article to learn about them.

5 Best 6 Seater Golf Cart

1. Yamaha 6 Seater Golf Cart

Okay! You can predict that this cart is one of the best 6 seater golf carts because of the name. Yamaha needs no introduction – they are in the business, satisfying their customers for years. They always use modern technology to give the best experiences to their users. The same goes for this 6 seater cart.
It comes with all necessary features like headlights, tail light, sand bottle, wheel covers, storage trunk, ball and club cleaner, wheel covers, and much more. Moreover, this cart is best for people searching for both forward and rear facings seats.

The sleek appearance of this amazing vehicle with its wonderful speed and performance makes it a top pick. It has a turning radius of 4.25 m, which you can hardly find in other carts. You also don’t have to worry about sunny days because of its sun top. The last and the most important thing is that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. Yamaha Drive Concierge

Another great golf cart from Yamaha is Drive Concierge, which comes with a lubrication system and air cleaner. This product is best because of plenty of features like a cooling system, starting system, and front wheel and rear wheel suspension. This golf cart runs with the help of oil and has a fuel capacity of 1-liter oil to give you a long joyful drive.

Unlike other carts, you don’t have to worry about its engine, as it contains a 357 cc engine with low emission single cylinder 60° incline OHV. Its smooth body is specifically made from the custom-formulated thermoplastic olefin, which gives it a nice and beautiful look.

Moreover, you can fully control your fast driving with its self adjusting mechanical rear drum brakes. So, enjoy it’s maximum forward speed ride 19 mph whenever you want. Oh, yes! Don’t forget you also have a 2-year warranty to deal with any problems with your golf cart. You can also buy Yamaha carts from Big Sky Golf Cars.

3. Golf Cart Transportation Vehicle

You can say that this one is the advanced model of the last one. Almost all the features of this golf cart are pretty the same, except for the seats. This golf cart transportation vehicle comes with all forward-facing seats, allowing users to communicate with each other.

This 6 person cart has a 5.40 m turning radius. As it has space for 6 people, you also find it a little bigger than the usual ones. If you are in a hurry and want to reach your destination, you can drive it at a speed of up to 19 km/h. Moreover, this golf cart also has a proper drive, brake, and cooling system.

In case you are facing any trouble in your cart, you can take it for repair, as you get a 1-year warranty card. This cart also allows you to remain tension-free in regards to its charging as it contains a stationary constant current charger. Other features of this golf cart include a fold-down clear windshield, pedal brake, drum brake, and two rear wheels.

4. 2020 Concierge 6 EFI

It is 2020, and surely you are looking for something more modern and innovative. You can find all the latest features in this new model of Yamaha’s golf cart. Not only this cart has plenty of new features, but also it is pure beauty. You will surely get impressed with its smooth, graphite matte color.

Not to mention, it’s low emission single cylinder 60° incline OHV engine is enough to impress your passengers about how effortlessly and efficiently it is working. The cooling system of this golf cart prevents it from over-heating and gives you a safe drive. It also has 357 cc displacement and 1 qt oil capacity.

You will feel amazing with its two-stage air filter, high capacity pleated paper cartridge, and urethane foam pre-cleaner. This concierge 6 EFI has a turning radius of 4.4 m and 19 mph maximum forward/reverse speed. Fortunately, you have 2 years to repair any problem without any cost as you get a two-year warranty with this beauty. Turning Radius

5. Drive 2 – PTV

If you are looking for a golf cart that doesn’t cover a large parking space but still has enough space to accommodate 6 people, you can choose this cart. Drive 2 PTV is a 4 person vehicle, but it can accommodate 6 people.

Like any other Yamaha cart, this one also has a beautiful body made from the mold-in Polypropylene and has custom-formulated thermoplastic olefin paint. This cart also gives you full control like any other vehicle with its innovative steering.

It also contains front and rear wheel suspension to give you a smooth drive. The self-adjusting mechanical, rear-wheel drum brakes are always ready to prevent any accident when you are driving it at a maximum speed of 15.0 mph. The minimum turning radius of 2.8 m, which is highly important to drive it anywhere you want. Last but not least, it has a 4-year warranty.

Bottom Line

As you have learned about some best golf carts, you can choose one that suits your budget and requirements. Not to mention, a 6 seater golf cart is a wonderful choice if you are the owner of any golf court because you can accommodate many people at the same time.

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